About Me

Ambitious journalist, blogger & creative with a passion for writing interesting and compelling content that brings focus to opinion based, cultural, pop-cultural, lifestyle and social topics. My blog ImaniTalks also concentrates on a range of topics including the personal and mental growth development.

Since very young,  I enjoyed writing. From storytelling to blog-writing and even completing essays and assignments for University,  this all satisfied my eagerness to write, whilst learning skills that improve my writing abilities. My optimism and curiosity for the world, and the people that populate it has been influenced by my experiences of living in different countries such as the UK, America, Jamaica and the Middle East. I got the opportunity to learn about different cultures and backgrounds which helped me become a more well-rounded individual.

I have been fortunate to publish articles for news outlets like Bristol 24/7 where I described the lack of representation for young black people living in Bristol.  In addition I have participated in a BBC short film about the stereotypical ideologies held about black people by the mainstream culture.

I have always found much joy in my Blackness, and would seize the opportunity to work collaboratively in creating relevant content for young black people. I believe it is important to have content that illuminate and celebrate the experiences of black youth. My mission is to continue developing content that I am passionate about, whilst broadening my freelance reach & obtain the experience needed to become an Investigative Journalist & News Presenter.